Monday, October 22, 2007



When: Tuesday and Wednesday, October 23 and 24
Where: Columbia University and the Burmese Mission
Who: Burma groups in solidarity
Contact: Geoff at

Burmese monks and exiles have been marching from Albany, NY to the
United Nations. This week, they arrive in Manhattan. Here's what you
can do, as they show their support for peace and reconciliation in

1) Tuesday, October 23: support the Peace Walk as they move past the
Columbia University campus to the Burmese Mission. Join us at 11:30 am
at 116th and Broadway.

2) Wednesday, October 24: support the Peace Walk as they move from the
Burmese Mission to the United Nations. Join us at the Burmese Mission
at 10 am for the beginning of this last stretch of the march - 10 E
77th St, just off of 5th Ave. Columbia students meet at 116th and
Broadway at 9:15 am to go down to the mission.

As the Saffron Revolution begins to fade from people's minds, it's up
to local activists like us to maintain energy and commitment. As Burma
groups from NYC and upstate NY come together for the Peace Walk, make
sure you show your support. For more information, contact Geoff at

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Bourgeois Nievete said...

Good luck on y'alls walk.
I regularly try to post the NY Burma Roundtable on the Burma News Ladder.
Could you place the News Ladder on your News Site List.
Please come join in posting articles on the Nets largest Human aggregated news site for articles on Burma.
The site is fairly self-explanatory, democratically reader driven.
Thanks again for keeping the faith.