Saturday, October 6, 2007

Global Day of Action in Union Square - Today, October 6!


When: Saturday, October 6, 5 pm-7pm
Where: Union Square, New York City
Who: US Campaign for Burma
Contact: Farheen Malik at

This Saturday marks a Global Day of Action to support the monks' protests in Burma by demanding UN Security Council action. In over 35 countries around the world on this day, people are coming together to condemn the Burmese military junta's violent suppression of peaceful protesters. Join us on Saturday in Union Square to take part in this worldwide event, as the US Campaign for Burma and several other Burma groups show their solidarity for the Saffron Revolution. Please WEAR THE COLOR RED, and BRING AS MANY RED FLOWERS AS YOU CAN. The flowers will be used to create a public display of tribute to those who have sacrificed so much in Burma these past weeks - all of those untold hundreds of thousands who put their lives on the line to bring down the military regime. Many lost their lives, many are imprisoned, and many are in hiding. On Saturday, the Global Day of Action will honor their courage. We will call for UN Security Council action, and we will distribute postcards giving people an opportunity to pledge their boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games. China must stop vetoing Security Council action. For more information, contact Farheen Malik at

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