Monday, October 15, 2007

Press Release: Burma & India Committed Mass Killing of Burmese

Burma Point

October 14, 2007

Press Release

Activists Warn Burma Senior Generals to Avoid Future Penitence
Urge Indian Government to Release Karen, Arakan Ethnic Nationals

Burma Point received a letter dated October 2nd from a former top official of Burma ’s military. The hand written letter is an evidence of Inida military and the regime in Burma joined together to commit mass murders of Burmese people. Thus, we strongly condemn both authorities for killing Burma ’s nationals.

Although the world, today, finds out about the regime’s current killing of Burmese monks and people, including ethnic nationalities, through internet, television, and phones, there are other mass murders that occurred behind the scene would be impossible for the international community to know.

According to a news article published by Asia Times Online on August 15, Indian government was facing difficulty in court for not providing proper evidence against the defense, Burma’s ethnic nationals Karen and Arankan, who were being accused of weapon “smugglers.”

The letter we received could be the evidence that Indian officials have been looking for. By looking at the letter, it is obvious that the Indian government transformed itself to an apologist of Burma military regime by plotting to kill some of our ethnic nationalities and arrest others without proper evidence to indict them in court.

In addition, the letter mentions more mass killings by Burma ’s senior generals.

The question we ask is for how long the SPDC would continue to kill the innocent Burmese people. Now is the time for the senior generals to come out before the people. It is urgently needed to reconcile the nation sincerely by meeting with people’s representatives led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

If Sr. Gen. Than Shwe and associates stubbornly refused to take appropriate steps for the nation we would like to warn of facing future penitence. In addition to what people witnessed of the regime recent killing of innocent monks, students, ordinary citizens, and ethnic nationalities, if more behind the scene atrocities, similar to the events mention in the letter, revealed we warn that Burmese people would one day surely punish the offenders.

In conclusion, on behalf of Burma ethnic nationalities, we request Indian government to release detained Karen and Arakan people immediately to any third countries that would accept them, and for India to become our good neighbor, the government must cease being apologist, killing our people, and selling weapons to the regime. We strongly urge the senior generals and associates to stop using good soldiers as your power sticks to brutally kill fellow nationals, avoid future penitence by standing up as “people’s soldiers” and implement requests stated above as soon as possible for the 50 million citizens of Burma .

Contact: Moe Chan – 718-396-1464, 646-643-8689

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