Monday, March 17, 2008

Action this week!

>>>>> DATE: Wednesday, March 19, TIME: still TBA
Contact, 917.488.0302

Dear all,

As you probably know, UN Special Envoy to Burma Ibrahim Gambari is supposed to be briefing the United Nations Security Council this coming week on how he's coming back from Burma empty-handed, without even having been granted a meeting with General Than Shwe. This is our chance to capitalize on what could be one of the last discussions on Burma at the UN before the May referendum - Gambari's trip MUST be highlighted as a major failure, rather than being swept under the rug.

Individuals from the New York Burma activist community consulted on a direct action strategy to highlight Gambari's failure and call for UN Secretary General Ban to go to Burma himself to accomplish what he's called for in past statements - to have a genuine and inclusive political dialog - and came up with the following:

A demonstration outside the UN, including:
>>>>>18 people dressed in white longyi and shirts, with the number 100 on the shirts, representing 1800 political prisoners who must be freed, and
>>>>> as many people as possible dresssed in ethnic or Burmese dress (Karen and Shan dress would be best) to represent the need for an end to attacks in eastern Burma in order for there to be a genuine and inclusive dialog.

The Gambari briefing is going to be on Wednesday afternoon, and will be a closed briefing. We will protest with the costumes outside the UN so long as we don't use any sound devices (since there was insufficient time to get a permit), and release a statement to the UN Press Corps.

Other things needed for the demo:
-- sponsoring organizations
-- protesters
-- help publicizing the protest to NY activist groups, online Burma groups, Buddhist groups in NY-area, communities from Burma in the NY area
-- signs for protest outside the UN

Many thanks,

Cristina Moon

8-8-08 for Burma
PO Box 20025
New York, NY 10001-0001

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